Era Futures™ singularity engineers bring together the world’s most prominent and socially conscious leaders from business, industry, technology and government to exchange diverse views and seek formative solutions to the most critical challenges facing humanity.


Our working parties bridge the frame between the philosophical and pragmatic; realities new and old; often finding common ground and bilateral pathways to success where others cannot. Through connecting and empowering a global community across multiple industries and regions, we aspire to create the elemental foundation for systemic transformation.

With eyes wide open, ‘Document’ examines the future of the circular economy and identifies opportunities for private-pubic sector collaboration, but does not take a formal position on matters of policy. Instead, consensual findings are documented to members in private newsletters, podcasts, educational guides and invitation-only live-action exchanges.

This policy framework provides the freedom for all members to actively participate in and contribute to the dialogue without publicly endorsing or being associated with a particular viewpoint. Opinions formulated in the working groups help inform Era Futures™ overall policy positions, but we do not publicly speak on behalf of the individual working groups or their members.


Since the inception of the Canadian Cloud Council in 2011, our working party collaborations have helped create the early policies outlining the commitment of the Government of Canada to build open systems, utilize cloud-first methodologies and reshape decisions to eschew the short-term gains of offshore delivery to recommit to employment and opportunity for its own people.

Our independent, unbiased media footprint acts as a foundation for those ready to firmly tip the scales of history in favour of open and accessible technology and away from closed ecosystems that benefit the select few.

Era Futures™ continues a passionate commitment to providing a roadmap for global technology companies to engage with, create opportunities for, and do business in disparate communities that are typically overlooked and ignored. This work is born from an unwavering commitment to ethical economic development, the courage to challenge hubris, incumbency and inertia, and an unwavering track record of successfully shepherding disparate interests for the common good.


What side of the digital divide will you be on?

Our emerging generations, the vast majority of whom will build their lives in increasingly crowded, chaotic and competitive cities, are hungering for a clear and common sense of purpose, but can we offer them one?

From ecological exigency, to ongoing and intolerable community inequality, to a sense of rapidly eroding trust in an ever-connected world, we have reached a critical point in human history; a state of emergency that requires a profound shift towards more meaningful dialogue in order to overcome.

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